Delay Analysis

The Time for Completion of a project is of the essence within a construction contract. However, due to the complex interactions of the multiple tasks required to be performed it is very likely that at some stage of the project a combination of events will occur that will have an influence on the time for completion.  To recover the damages caused by these delays it is imperative that both the specific delays and parties responsible for them are being identified correctly.


Delay analysis methods are applied to prepare the logical basis to persuade your claims concerning the extension of time and financial burden by:

  1. Establishing the correct lines of investigation
  2. Demonstrate the entitlement for an extension of time
  3. Presenting the case you are trying to prove


Numerous delay analysis methods do exist and each method has its pros and cons dependent on the specific case under study. Therefore, delay analysis methods are not such analytical instruments that only the best one is universally applied.


Promontory can provide suitably experienced and qualified consultants to assist in analyzing delay events into detail and demonstrating the entitlement for extension of time by using the appropriate method of analysis for your particular case.