Claims avoidance & defence

Promontory’s claims consultants are highly experienced in both the preparation and defence of claims, and also the management of potentially contentious issues to seek early resolution of the issues with the main aim of avoiding claims and potentially lengthy and expensive disputes.

Our consultants will provide early advise on the following:

  • Claims avoidance
  • Claims management
  • Claims drafting
  • Claims defence

In the event you receive a claim, whether it is a damages claim for a breach of contract, a loss and expense claim, a disruption or acceleration claim our consultants will carry out a comprehensive review of those claims.

In doing so, they will review everything from notice provisions, entitlement, how the effects have been calculated and the methods adopted, through to quantum.

Promontory will keep our clients fully informed on the status of the dispute and a significant part of this process is the strategies which Promontory will be consistently reviewing and updating to bring the dispute to a swift, but equally as importantly a satisfactory conclusion for our clients.