No Win No Fee Services

One significant concern of any party to a dispute can be the costs of that dispute, and this is an additional burden when dealing with an already potentially difficult issue / project. The decision therefore to enter into a dispute is influenced by the costs of a dispute and whether or not your case is fully understood, not least in terms of the responsibility of the ‘cause’.

For this reason, it is not uncommon for parties not to pursue bona-fide entitlements or defend claims despite having a strong case, due to the concern about the expense, and for this reason, a structured fee arrangement with Promontory can assist our clients to realise those monies or defend against such claims.

As such, and in order to assist new or existing clients to be able to determine their approach to an issue, we provide a free consultation on a potential or existing dispute and thereafter will offer a range of fee options, including no-win no-fee arrangements or reduced fee’s with a win fee arrangement, and all can be adapted to suit our clients individual needs