Planning, Programme and Delay

Promontory specialises in providing contract compliant planning and programming support to Employers, Contractors and Subcontractors alike.

  • Tender Planning
  • Baseline Planning
  • Progress Planning / Updates
  • Recovery and acceleration programmes
  • Interface planning
  • Delay Analysis / Impacted programming

Our consultants assist our clients at every stage of a project, from the preparation of programmes for tender purposes with resource loading, through to baseline planning of awarded projects working with the project team on construction methods and areas to reduce risk and project durations, and updating of project programmes identifying opportunities for mitigation through to programmes for supporting variations and claims.

Should delays occur, our consultants are familiar with all of the recognised methods for demonstrating causes of delay, including:

  • Collapsed As-Built Analysis
  • Longest Path Analysis
  • Impacted As-Planned Analysis
  • As-Planned Versus As-Built Windows Analysis
  • Time Impact Analysis
  • Critical Path Analysis
  • Time Slice Windows Analysis

Promontory stress to all its clients the importance of ensuring that programmes are accurate from the outset but also that they are accurately updated monthly during the project, and that regular agreement is reached on the accurate status of the works.

The substantial benefits for such an approach are extensive, and can even help avoid disputes as the impact of changes, regardless of the culpability of the cause, are more easily and readily established. Maintaining agreement of the parties to regular and accurate updates of the programme can also be done economically with visits of external planning experts only necessary, even on major projects, for a few days a month.