Planning review & set-up

Preparing a project plan or schedule is not an exact science but it is without doubt a task which requires a great deal of care and attention and one which should be carried out by experienced and skilled resources. A programme is rarely exactly ‘right’ or considered ‘final’ as it is a living document that reflects the reality of how a project evolves, and hence evolves with it. However, a rushed or ill prepared programme will contain errors, the results of which will invariably cause substantial problems, and in the worst case to irreversible consequences. The programme will also be relied upon when addressing matters of delay and demonstrating the effects of others delays.


Therefore, no matter how large or small the project is, the key is to use qualified and experienced personnel who can work with our clients to assist in developing and arriving at, a systematic approach in planning your project.


Promontory is able to offer planning advice to clients to protect their interests from the tender to final account by way of the following services:


  • Project planning, programme and scheduling support and advice
  • Programme & project controls
  • Programme audits
  • Programme recovery
  • Project & programme monitoring.
  • Preparation and defence of time-related claims
  • Delay & disruption analysis



Our suitably experienced and qualified consultants can assist clients with all their planning related activities and we are always happy to discuss how we can jointly work to achieve the required objectives.