Construction contracts are invariably complex and it is a fact of life that one party is invariably trying to either cover up their own errors or omissions or seeking to gain some sort of advantage over the other party.

Conditions of contract, particular conditions of application, specifications and drawings, usually contain ambiguities and conflicts which will lead to differences of opinion between the parties and this is especially so if the contract documents are not carefully drafted and compiled.

Promontory is able to offer contractual advice to clients to protect their commercial interests from the tender to final account stages by way of the following services:

  • Review of conditions of contract at tender stage.
  • Assistance in drafting the final conditions of contract to reflect the post contract negotiations.
  • Advice on the interpretation of the contract.
  • Advice on conflicts and ambiguities within the contract.
  • Review and advice on correspondence.

The level of service depends entirely on the needs of the client. We are happy to take one-off commissions to advise on a particular issue or to provide an ongoing service for the project. Alternatively, if the client has a specific requirement, we are always happy to discuss how we can jointly work to achieve the required objectives.