Quantity surveying

Provision of Bills of Quantities

Promontory quantity surveyors are highly skilled in the production of accurate and detailed Bills of Quantities for Employers, Contractors and Subcontractors alike for use in, amongst others, invitations to tender, contracts / subcontracts or tendering purposes.


Detailed and accurate Bills of Quantities can be prepared fully in accordance with standard methods of measurement, including:

  • Civil Engineering Standard Method of Measurement (CESMM4)
  • Standard Method of Measurement (SMM7)
  • New Rules of Measurement (NRM 2)
  • Primary and Secondary Steel measurement in acc. with relevant DIN standards.

Approximate quantities can also be calculated in accordance with the above or against bespoke methods of measurement which can sometimes be included in contracts.


Promontory recognises the significant importance of the accuracy of bills of quantities when pricing bills of quantities for a re-measurable contract. Our quantity surveyors are also able to accurately identify potential opportunities, including description / category errors.