Promontory seeks to be a reference within its field by providing our clients with the highest professional expertise founded on the following core values:


Communicating towards clients in a transparent way, with clarity on those actions we are undertaking and advising the client in all openness regarding minimizing its risks and enhancing its opportunities


Integrity lies within every level of our organization. We achieve this by applying the highest professional standards, maintaining an ethical approach in every step we take and by preserving a positive approach throughout the whole process


The value of our business is based on the experience of our people. Therefore we put high emphasis on working with the best professionals that by track record and overall commitment can demonstrate their ability to lead by example. Our commitment to our clients by providing them with industry leading people which have our core values embedded is our highest priority


We are better working together than as individuals. It requires a specific level of trust which is a result of honesty and genuine respect. We strive for a candid conversation and empathic behaviour with our clients which form the foundation on which we can build a positive and long-lasting relation.